Scholastic Canada

This year I am offering the Scholastic Program in both my 4e/5e and 6e classes. There are several ways that you can purchase the items that are offered:

1) Payment by cheque: Return order form to me with a cheque payable to Scholastic Canada. (Don't forget to add the tax amount)

2) Pay online: Go to and search for my profile. The city is Kanata and the school is St Anne's School. My full name (Elisa Caminiti) can be used to fill in the rest. Enter the Parent Pay Code - for this month it is CLIFFORD. Write down the reference number on the order sheet. Return order form to me. 

Full detailed step-by-step instructions for Parent Pay Online are available here

If you have any questions about this program, please don't hesitate to ask!

Mme Caminiti :)