Bienvenue à 4e/5e et 6e Immersion!

I am so excited to be back at St. Anne this year!! I will be teaching Grade 4 & 5 Immersion and Grade 6 Immersion. I cannot wait to see all of my new friends and some familiar faces!! 

A big focus across all grade levels in French as a Second Language is speaking. We will be speaking a lot in class and I encourage students to keep practising outside of the classroom. We will also be writing, listening, and reading throughout the year!

This year in Grade 4 Science, students will be focusing on Habitats and Communities, Light and Sound, Pulleys and Gears, and Rocks and Minerals. In Social Studies, students will be focusing on Early Societies and Political and Physical Regions of Canada. We will be integrating the Arts into all subjects including Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama.

This year in Grade 5 Science, students will be focusing on Human Organ SystemsProperties of and Changes in MatterForces Acting on Structures, and Mechanisms and Conservation of Energy. In Social Studies, students will be focusing on First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada and The Role of Government and Responsible CitizenshipWe will be integrating the Arts into all subjects including Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama.

This year in Grade 6 Science, students will be focusing on BiodiversityElectricity and Electrical Devices, Space and Flight. In Social Studies we will be focusing on the Interactions with the Global Community and Communities in Canada, Past and PresentWe will be integrating the Arts into all subjects including Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama.

Can't wait to see what the first few weeks have in store for us!! 

Mme Caminiti :)